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Welcome To Homemade Hutches


Welcome to Homemade Hutches...                                                          

Please have a look around my website and if you like or have any interest in my products or have a question for me, feel free to E-Mail me via the 'Contact Us' page. 

About Me...

           My business started as my hobby. After some family requests for a boot box, bird table and two rabbit runs it became a part- job. I then started making a few mounting boxes and a couple of rug racks for Richard Chapman Equestrian. I have now catered to everyone's needs at RCE including the yard owner, who has bought two sets of tables and chairs, 3 pairs of hunter wings and 4 benches. When I found that allowing other people to have the same great quality products I make as a world wide producer, is great. I own two horses and a dog, so I know how important it is to have the best quality products for them and also the knowledge that they were bought at a competitive and unbeatable prices! 


About My Products...

             All of the wood used is high quality re-cycled ply board. The ply is 1cm thick and has a high durability. The staples, bolts, hinges and screws are all purchased from a high end, renowned DIY store. The wire is from a local company that provides thick, durable and cost effective wire. The paint and felt also come from a reliable, high quality DIY store. All components of my products are animal friendly. My products are priced competitively as I use local shops and the internet to research the prices for the same type of product. I can then work out prices for my products which will offer you great quality and a long lasting product for a great price. There are lots of uses for the majority if my products, for example, the rug rack could be used as a equine boot drying rack, a saddle rack or it even could be used as a sales rack for bridles, rugs and clothing. 

About My Special Products...

              Alongside my other products, I offer a made to measure option (this may reduce or increase the cost of the product depending on what you want done to the product) where you can choose to make the product longer, shorter, thinner or wider. I also do custom made products, to your requirements and design. This is where you send me a picture or a rough drawing of what you would like made and I will contact you within 24 hours with a time to come and talk through the product with me. While you are here, I will construct a plan, design and a cost of your desired product. Please contact me via e-mail if you are interested in buying a made to measure or custom made product.